Thursday, 21 August 2014

Stranger - demo

Evil punk with a mutant goth heart. Taking the fluttering deathrock guitars and grounding them in rawer sounds, less ethereal, dirtied up, echoing the scratch and punch of anarcho-punx Decadent Few, the cackle of Finnish weirdos Melusaaste, the worn-in desolate aggression of Yugo punx Tozi Babe. Martyr thumping forward, the vocals snarling/rasping, spat with finality, severity. Down Into It getting coarse, the voice here dry, measured until it bites again "With your infantile interests and COMMITMENT TO STUPIDITY!" and it the bass and drums tumble down relentlessly like killing blows. False rants chaotically, breathlessly. You ride with Not Laughing as it tears mellow shivers to ribbons with its rhythmic force and venom and gets squirming nasty as it screams "GO THE FUCK HOME", any disaffected distance and alienation of the genre drawn close and threatened with knives on throats and spit flecking into eyeballs. A lot of deathrock might aspire to be spooky, but this puts in scary, and in the primitive shudder, the Nausea vocals strapped to the vulgarised goth groove, the shuffle and sway sharpened, hoodlum hard and beaten in versions of bands like catchy depressives The Bellicose Minds, it touches a weird darkpunk violence that's all its own.

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