Saturday, 23 August 2014

Thee Nodes - All Day Every Day

Cracked up freakpunk fuzzjunk, run out/run in, twerpy feelin-it garage jams about being a real negative vandal prick. 30 second braindamage shatterclashes like Smashin' My Head. Pukepunk pushed fast and simple. Rock and roll bounces about breaking glass, repetitive joy, manic cackling, explosions, rock and roll getdowns and torrents of petty destruction. Loathing and lust in Ugly Bodies, hating on cool kids in Hate the Hip, dickshit insomniac anguish on Filthy Gaze. What makes these live large is the helter-skelter vocals bouncing over each other, the way the rock riffs fray around the edges under the assault of the weird bits, the echoes of darker deeper oddness, the hoots and yapping of minor monsters, a punk built amongst wreckage and ruin, devolving finally into the cold lost call ringing alarm bleeps. The sneering outcast energy a bunch of nogoodnik nerds, busting heads and biting faces off scrawled over shop-shaking party music.

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