Friday, 5 September 2014

Burial - Renegade

Like Texans Criaturas or Greeks Antimob, Germany's Burial offer a scorching modern international take on the Deathside formula of flailing solos over hardcore ferocity. Hulking metallic hardcore bombs, deep vocals wrenched out of the throat, mutilated words bitten apart and choked up like lumps of fleshy bile. The songs take on a bodily hue, exploding with the cracks and humours of skin and bone under pressure, the roiling mass of muscle and fevers, ugly interiors. Fire in the Head reels: "HOT JUICE TRICKLES SOON TO SPILL/POSSESSED BODY SUFFOCATING WILL/NOT ONLY THE VOICES SING ALONE/EVEN THE BODY DISAPPEARS/LIKE A FACE IN THE CROWD" punctuating this with bites of "SLASH/CRUSH/DESTROY". Out To Die slowly builds into a warstomp,"WORN OUT BODIES/FEAR TURNS INTO LUST". Boiling Blood tears at its skin prison "BOILING BLOOD HAMMERING UNDER MY FOREHEAD/BOILING BLOOD SEEKING FOR RELEASE." Swines digs further into this crawling animalism: "DISEASE OF THE SWINES/MAN IS THE ANIMAL/MAN IS BESTIAL/MAN IS THE ENEMY" Ripping you apart with the whipping Crude solos, hardcore punk searing with radioactive warmth, burning each of your spirits. "I DON'T GIVE A FUCK/RENEGADE/LIVE TO DIE."

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