Monday, 1 September 2014

No Statik - Unity and Fragmentation

Beginning with an ending, No Statik's 3rd LP Unity and Fragmentation opens with a heavy chug before fading out into keening feedback, from there it bursts, crunching hardcore rages. From this point on, No Statik shift and scrap with the hardcore, jerking it about, from unstoppable drives to slow drones to speedcrazed reelings. Never Be a Martyr opening fast swooping at machinegun metalspeeds, hitting a wall, slipping in murk and unsteady stumbles, then pushing forward wild. The ferocious vocals that lead the band sometimes doubled up, the harsh unity of Ruby's main vox meshing with the fierce but deeper back-ups, giving some songs and more singalong purpose, rather than just the cutting anger. "SOMETIMES THINGS HAVE A TENDENCY TO CONTAIN THEIR OPPOSITE/BORN OUT OF DEATH ALL WE CAN DO IS DIE."

Like on Everywhere You Aren't Looking, the back half of the album is taken up by a single track, Faithless, a fifteen minute long track of ambient filings, cityghost whisper and cold emptiness, small shufflings, from which a thick hardcore burn emerges and then retreats back into the warble and danceskitter of voidechoes, the vocals still screaming hard, but from a great distance. By messing with and fucking with the hardcore formula, No Statik create a sweetly disturbing work, The Remembrance of Things Dead and Past, weighed down by tension, slowing into sinister tongues, searing again, then sucked back into itself screaming about how "THE HORRORS LEECH OUT OF OUR MISTAKES, THE PRICE ONE PAYS FOR PROGRESS", then backing up that disgust and unsettling closeness with music that reflects that. Hardcore infused with discomfort with the world, and with equal discomfort at its place in that world. It will tear and soar, but it will open itself up to the quieter darker moments too, when a crushing riff and a hard word will not lift you out of yourself.

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